The Python Spirit: Getting your voice back


The Enemy Tries to Choke Your Voice

The python spirit will try to choke your breath and your praise. If he can do that the next thing he will attack is your voice. God has given you a voice. He has given you a spiritual language. It’s hard to talk when you can’t breathe. You cannot praise if your voice is cut off. We have a voice and it is important to use that in prayer before the throne of God.

As Paul and Silas went to prayer the girl possessed with the spirit of python met them (Acts 16:16). The enemy attacks you when you’re trying to do what’s right. That bed never feels better than it does on Sunday morning. The snooze alarm is the curse of the Christian faith. The spirit of divination, the spirit of python aggravated Paul and he cast it out. Next they find themselves in prison. The enemy wants to shut down your voice, your testimony and lock you up so you can’t be effective in the kingdom.


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Transforming Your Most Valued Picture

People spend billions of dollars in an attempt to improve the picture that hangs in the least presented room in the house: the bathroom. It seems all of us want to spruce up the image we find daily in the mirror. Even men who don’t spend any money on make up will at least buy a comb at some time in their life.

There is a mirror presented in the Bible that reflects a much more atrocious sight than you have ever seen, even on your worst morning. The mirror of the law reveals every flaw you have ever had. There are probably blemishes you never even noticed because you didn’t look with very good lighting. You see, with the law it required strict adherence with no swerving. The problem with that is you don’t have to hit every telephone pole to have an accident. And we have all had head on collisions with our weaknesses that has resulted in wrecked lives and hurt people. The further we look into the law and compare it to us the more warts we notice. It is the very thing that reflects the reality of what we look like to a righteous God.


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The Good Side of Jealous


By Allen Thomas

There are many reasons to stay away from jealousy. The best one being that it can lead to all kinds of bad things. Song of Solomon 8:8 points out jealousy can be as cruel as the grave. But there are a couple of very good sides of jealousy that will practically make you jealous when you begin to understand them.

Tucked inside the second of the Ten Commandments we find that God is jealous. All around this we find some very bad results for those who make and worship a carved image. And the whole reason there is punishment for those who break this commandment is centered around the fact that God is jealous. But it is in the reason for His jealousy we have reason to rejoice. He is jealous for you! (more…)

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