Why I Speak in Tongues: The new labor movement




 Jesus Introduced a New Labor Movement

The labor movement took place in 1900 after the civil war. It began because of the unfair labor practices. Labor has been a problem since Adam messed up. Work is not the curse; it was a part of the garden before the curse. The curse was the thorns. Sin added the weeds and work now includes the sweat of your brow.

Jesus introduced a new labor movement. It is better than today’s. Hebrews reveals there remains a rest to the people of God. Matthew 11:27-30 points out Jesus gives you rest in the midst of your labor. Rest is not absence of labor, but laboring in God, which is restful. The Lord rebukes the devourer, He gives us rest in the storm. He doesn’t eliminate them, but gets us through them restfully if we stop trying to fix it ourselves and give it to God.

Tongues Help Usher in God’s Gift of Rest

What does tongues have to do with rest? The Father had a gift and the gift was Jesus. Jesus had a gift for us and the gift is the Holy Ghost. The gift from the Holy Ghost is a language gift, tongues. Another name for Jesus is the Word. It is all about a word from God; it is all about a language from heaven. Before Israel could become a nation, they had to resurrect their language. God is giving us a language.

Speaking in tongues is a reversal of the tower of Babel. That was a work stoppage. They all spoke one language, but were misusing it by trying to build a tower to get up to God. God was reacting to what they were using the tower for. It was a way to reach the spirit world. There really is such a thing as magic and spiritism and looking into the future. There really is such a thing as spirit possession. You have power against all of them. Don’t be afraid, just put your Holy Ghost badge out there and say, “You’re under arrest.” Lock him up. God will literally do that one day. God stopped the tower of Babel by confusing their language. God gave us on the day of Pentecost a heavenly language.

Isaiah 28:11-12 “For with stammering lips and another tongue He will speak to this people, 12 To whom He said, “This is the rest with which you may cause the weary to rest,” And, “This is the refreshing”; yet they would not hear.” This is the refreshing. But they wouldn’t listen; they would rather have their own refreshing. In the chapter where Paul speaks of tongues he quotes Isaiah. This scripture is exactly what is found in 1 Corinthians 14:21. Speaking in tongues is a place of rest. This is the worship tongues, not tongues and interpretation or another known language.

God means for you to speak in tongues every day. If you could just break through to your prayer language, peace and joy come over people at the altar when they do. There is a powerful component to speaking in tongues. It brings you into the secret garden, the place of refreshing. Some think it is an occasional thing like a volcano that you don’t know when it is going to hit. You are to be so yielded to God that you can speak in tongues a lot. When you’re flowing in the Spirit you can speak in tongues for hours and you may not have a clue what you just prayed. There’s nothing wrong with that, it is the Spirit praying. Some of you think you can do better than the Spirit. It brings refreshing, peace, rest like a summer rain, like breath to your soul.

Tongues is Breathing in the Spirit / Not Controlled by the Mind

Speaking in tongues is breathing in the Spirit. On the day of Pentecost the sound came of a rushing mighty wind. The breath came into the church and a language was given.

Scientists have hooked things up to people’s brains while they speak in tongues. What they noticed while speaking in tongues is that the frontal lobe of the brain goes quiet. The frontal lobe is the control center, the place of the will, the place of decision making. That is where you are in charge. When we are speaking in tongues our will gets subjugated, our will gets shut off and the creativity side of the brain kicks in. If you can enter the realm of the Spirit His decision making will take over.

You can’t receive the Holy Ghost by trying to figure it out. The baptism is a gift from God. Shut off your own thinking process. For control freaks it is hard to receive the baptism. When you speak in tongues that part of the brain goes quiet and the rest of the brain engages. When you speak in tongues your spirit is speaking to and through His Spirit. God can’t speak to flesh, it is spirit to Spirit. When your forehead is in charge it’s hard to speak to God. You get ideas and creativity when you speak in tongues. That is the Holy Ghost planning things for you. God will show you things including how to do things. Spirit is talking to spirit. You need to speak in tongues more.

Growing in Christ Through Labor

Read Romans 8:15-28 from the Message. You don’t know who you are until your spirit touches His Spirit. Even the mountains and trees are waiting for redemption. Anticipation deepens; we are enlarged in the waiting. We are getting more pregnant, getting bigger, closer, it doesn’t matter how hard things are getting, or what battles we are in, the longer you wait the bigger you are getting in God. But the longer we wait the larger we become and the more joyful our expectancy.

There are times you don’t know what or how to pray. You don’t have the words. You might be too sick or depressed to pray. “He does our praying for us,” that is tongues. We have seen people go out of this world speaking in tongues.

Through all of this God makes every detail of our lives work into something good. Can God use a divorce, a death? What can God do with an accident? All of us have experienced tragedy that we have asked why. You may not see the results until you get to glory. “All things” doesn’t mean God brought it or is the cause of it. It didn’t take Him by surprise. He doesn’t look at an angel and say, “Did you see that, now what will I do with that?” He’s not surprised by anything. God brought the greatest miracle known to man through the worst thing that has ever happened; the Son of God crucified. He really is Sovereign, He really is in charge. He is going to have the last word. God is in charge. Cooperate with God and let Him do His work so you can have the rest He so longs to give you.

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The Python Spirit: Fatal Distractions



The World Presents a Fatal Attraction

In Greek mythology Icarus’ father made wings of feathers for him mixed with wax. His dad told him, “Don’t get too close to the sun.” But he enjoyed it so much, he just started feeling it and he got closer and closer. It melted his wax and all he had left was feathers. Be careful with our ambition that we don’t get attracted to the s-u-n more than the S-o-n.

The story of the sirens in Greek Mythology includes three mermaid like creatures. As the ships got close to their sound it was so beautiful the sailors would jump off the ship to their death. One ship master so wanted to hear them he told the other sailors to put bees wax in their ears so they couldn’t hear. He said, “Tie me to the mast so I can hear it.” He was begging them to untie him, but they wouldn’t. We need to tie ourselves to the mast, to the cross of Jesus Christ and no matter how attractive this world is we need to stay on until the temptation passes.

Another brought his own band along. When the mermaids began singing they struck up the band and their music was louder than the sirens. We need to have a praise louder, sweeter and more intense than all of the music of the world!

There was a thought that if anybody could ever resist the music of the sirens the sirens would die. Resist the devil and he will flee (James 4:7).

There is a snake that gets its prey by hypnotizing it. It makes a sound and it causes them to have a blank stare. The world has hypnotized us and it seems pleasurable at the moment. The enemies’ purpose is to swallow you up. He is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour (1 Pet. 5:8).


Distraction has a different prefix. Di is two, which has to do with dividing. Distraction means two tracts, trying to go two different directions. Matthew 13:22 points out the cares of this life and deceitfulness of riches choke the word. Like a python the enemy wants to choke your praise and the word. The word is manna to you every day. Choke the word and you become unfruitful. If you’re not bearing fruit we question what kind of plant you are. Even a cactus has a flower; you can be a little prickly and still bear fruit.

The python’s goal is to divide by: Di-straction, through deception. The problem with deception is you don’t know you’re deceived. Di-storting the word. Di-verting you to a troubled pathway. Di-stracting you to pull you away from your mission. Di-vesting you of all that you have, your property and your rights.

Distraction in Emotions

He will get you distracted emotionally. You may get hurt over something big or something stupid. If we’re not careful we will surrender to depression or fear. If you are speaking the language of despair that is the road you are on. Instead start speaking the language of praise, victory and overcoming in the Lord.

My word to you is to get over it. As a counselor Gloria would take 10 seconds, she would say, “Get over it!”  Forgive them and get it over it (Heb 12:15). They will face God with what they did, but you need to get yourself off the hook. As long as you don’t forgive you are tied to their sin. Jesus forgave them as He was hanging on the cross.

Distraction Through People

When the revival level drops we take our eyes off of Jesus, put them on others and start finding fault. The tenth spiritual gift is not discerning other’s faults. An aerial shot of a flood looks like a beautiful lake until the water goes down, then you start seeing the mess in people’s lives. Most of our lives are still a mess. Don’t act like you don’t need Jesus.

Also be careful who your alliances are. You can minister to anybody, but don’t align yourselves with everyone. Some will fill you and some will drain you.

Distraction Through Opportunities

Opportunities can be distractions. Not every good thing is necessarily from God. Never move for money. I’ve heard many people plan that, but have no plan for where they will go to church. Just because you can make $2 more elsewhere doesn’t mean God wants you to. The Israelites prayed for more against God’s will, and God gave it to them, but sent leanness into their souls (Ps. 106:13-15). When opportunities come our way, ask ourselves if it means less God. If it means less God how can it be from God?

Distraction Through Comfort

Comfort can be a distraction. When Joshua was getting ready to cross the Jordan the tribe of Gad thought they would stay on this side of the Jordan. That tribe became the Gadarenes where Jesus cast out the legion of demons from a guy. He cast them out and let them go into the pigs. A good Jew doesn’t eat pork. Here they are raising pigs. The cry is, “I want my pigs, I’m comfortable with my lifestyle.” Setting a man free disturbed their comfort. The Gadarenes were comfortable, they lived right on the border, but never crossed over. Many Christians are right on the fence and never cross over. The good news is Jesus came to them and cast out their demons.


The python spirit today is trying to di-stract you, to get you to look at and be concerned and upset over other things; to spend a lot of time and money on other things so your focus is no longer on the Lord. We have been distracted by the enemy. Some never think about God until their alarm goes off on Sunday morning. You need to cross over Jordan, go down and come up victorious. I feel the Holy Spirit is breaking the power of distraction and getting us focused and excited once again.

Father, I take authority over the enemy that is twisting us, distracting us, and I break them free through the power of the spoken prophetic word, I break them free!

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Milestones – September 2014

Greetings to the Journey Life Family!

This blog is a new monthly letter that I want to send to all our partners. It will update you on what God is doing and prophetically what I believe He will do! We will also use it to acknowledge some of our awesome partners and give testimonies to what God is doing. I hope you will tune in to this blog every month (you might find your name in it). We will email it, post it on the website, and provide copies for those who don’t have Internet or email.

I’m calling this blog “MILESTONES.” The first use of a milestone was during the Roman Empire as they marked every mile of their highways with a stone telling the traveler how far it was to Rome. Well, the milestones on this journey of ours are saying we are almost home! So here it goes…

YEAR OF CHANGE. Last January The Lord told me this would be a year of change – a year of transition – and boy has it ever been a roller coaster ! Let me name just a few major ones:

Kyle and Marion have moved to Chattanooga.

After 19 years, Kevin and Misti Wilson have moved from Multi-media ministries to children’s ministries.

The pastoral care of the church has changed as we organized the church into three large Care Groups. Three awesome and very capable couples have been assigned to help me care for you: Joe and Sondra Montgomery (62-plus), Paul and Brenda Hollinger (40-61), and David and Joyce Wolf (18-39).


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