By Allen Thomas

When was the best you? If this past tense question doesn’t have a present tense answer then perhaps it’s time we take a step back to get to a future us we would prefer over our present tense self.

We know an eternal God who can help us get to a better us than we have ever previously known. It’s not found in going back to a better time, but in reaching out to a very present God who wants His presence to so permeate our present that even the best of our past won’t compare. After all, our eternal God is more interested in our present life that determines our future eternity.

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Part 1: Home Born Slaves 9/20/2015

SERIES: FREEDOM By Pastor Philippi

Part 1: Home Born Slaves 9/20/2015

Doors are opening that have never been open before. The Lord says, “You’ve been praying about this for years. I’m going to do some great things and now is the time.” Jubilee is here.

Giants Coming Down

There are giants in the land, but they are coming down. You don’t need much, just a sling and a stone, just faith in Him. This is a season of favor that is going to remove limitations off of you. Truckers have a jake brake, it is a retarder on the engine. The enemy has been putting jake brakes on you. He is retarding your engine. You need to get recharged. Get a roar in your spirit. Jesus has already legally removed all limitations. He has already gotten you out of your prison. He has provided the means and the ability. It’s already happening. We have spent weeks plowing the ground. Now we are reaping the harvest.  We need to start reckoning things as God sees them.

Numbers 13:27 Then they told him, and said: “We went to the land where you sent us. It truly flows with milk and honey, and this is its fruit. (NKJV) He sent them in to see how good it was going to get. But ten of the twelve spies were fearful of the giants in the land, the Amalekites, Jebusites and others. They knew every obstacle. I don’t care where the ‘ites’ are.

Numbers 13:30Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses, and said, “Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it.” (NKJV) Verses 31-33 points out the ten Israelite spies were certain they couldn’t take the land because of the giants there. But I’m not looking at the giants, I’m looking at the fruit. I know what God has for me and we are going to go get it. I am well able, I’m going to take it. I’m going to do this, what God has given me and no devil in hell can stop me.

Quit comparing yourself to your problem. When you compare your puniness to your problem you will look like a grasshopper. Get up in the airplane and everything looks tiny. When you worship your prospective changes. You are seated in heavenly places. You are bigger than your problem, bigger than your giant.

Home Born Slaves are Accustomed to Slavery

Jeremiah 2:12-14 Be astonished, O heavens, at this, and be horribly afraid; Be very desolate,” says the Lord . 13 ‘For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, and hewn themselves cisterns — broken cisterns that can hold no water. 14 “Is Israel a servant? Is he a home born slave? Why is he plundered? (NKJV)

He is your source. Everything flows from Him. We leak. With our own efforts we try to fill ourselves up. We think we can do this, but we can’t. The world we live in is a giant and we are a grasshopper. But in Jesus we are not a grasshopper anymore. I want to pastor a church of Davids who picks up five stones (Goliath had four brothers), those ready for tomorrow’s problem.

Why is the church being plundered today? Why are we losing to the media? Why does the world believe we’re all going to die real soon? Probably because they go to dead churches. We don’t need to keep up with the world, we need to keep up with God. We need a fresh word from God every day. He sent manna every day.

There were slaves born into slavery, that’s all they knew. Then there is the one who was captured and put into slavery. The home born slave thinks it’s normal, they don’t think about getting freedom. Too many church people accept their life as normal.

Property of the Kingdom

Some of us have tasted victory and once you have, you won’t settle for anything else. We have gotten a glimpse of freedom and God’s glory and we won’t exchange it for anything. Is anybody hungry for a move of God that will spread over the city and change lives?

We pray ‘Thy kingdom come’ and once it comes, it’s as if heaven accepts this plot of ground as heaven’s territory. When you go to the U.S. embassy in Russia you are on American soil. You are on heaven’s ground. If we’re going to see the move of God we must start acting like it’s sacred. Everywhere you go, you are sacred. Start treating your vessel right. You represent heaven, you represent this church. Some of you represent me and you’re making me look bad. Let’s walk like children of God.

The Need to Repent

You can’t be free if you’re still in the world. Repent is not as bad a word as you think it is. Jesus’ gospel message is summed up in Matthew 4:17 where He said, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (NKJV) That is the summary of everything Jesus preached. If you want to be part of the kingdom you have to repent. If you want a download of heaven into your life, you have to make room and repent. If you want to be a member of the Kingdom you need to about face, completely turn around, to change direction and walk toward Jesus. I’m not talking to sinners, but saints who may not be so saintly. You have saints and you have ain’ts.

The judgment is to wake up the church. God is sending an awakening. There will be no gray area, no middle ground. You will be forced to decide to catch fire or give it up. There will be no pew warmers. There is a call to the church. You need to repent for the church; for our lack of prayer, our lack of power. Repent because the kingdom, the power, the presence and power of the Holy Ghost is about to fall on the church. Repent for God wants to use you, to heal you. I’ve never had anyone repent for pride. That’s because we’re too proud. Pride is our major problem. We’re too full of pride to admit that we’re going the wrong way and need help. I’m here to tell you what to do to get to the next level. Get those things out of your life. Get it out and get it over.

We are experiencing a break through like we’ve never had in our 33 year history. It’s all God. The end is near and God is drawing His bride out. God is drawing you out where you are at and it is going to be glorious. I didn’t say easy, but glorious.

Tongues and Interpretation: “I Am the Holy Spirit. I am tugging at you. I am pulling you. Will you not respond? Will you not come? I’m simply preparing you. Repent, the Kingdom, the Kingdom is coming, repent,” thus saith the Lord. “The Kingdom is coming, repent, repent.”

In my spirit the Holy Spirit is dancing over you. Are you willing to join the dance?

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By Allen Thomas

The thing about freedom that makes it special is knowing you are free. Too many live as if they are not free, when in fact they are. They choose to go back to the old ways because they are familiar, even though they didn’t work well.

God gives freedom to enable a person to go beyond the things that held them down. To sleep in the jail cell simply because it feels familiar still keeps you behind bars even if those bars are unlocked.

God is wanting to bring you to freedom at a level where you feel it, you know it, you walk in it, you thrive in it, and others notice. Your freedom isn’t just for you, but also to give others hope.

Know that today God has purchased your freedom through the blood of Jesus Christ. Nothing is more expensive, and yet God was willing to spend the most expensive thing to purchase your freedom. God spent the most precious thing to Him, the blood of His Son, to receive the most precious thing to Him, you.

When you realize nothing is purchased without exchanging something of like value, then you begin to realize just how much value is in you. You may never understand the supreme value that you are to God, but He has proclaimed your value to the world when he chose to spend His Son’s blood on the cross in exchange for your freedom!

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