There is an unusual portion of scripture in 1 Chronicles tucked among nine chapters of genealogies where it lists 500 Hebrew names. It gets interesting in chapter four in the lineage of Judah. You get to 44 generations and something interesting happens. A guy nobody has heard of, just an average guy whose life started badly is described. He prayed a little one sentence prayer, God answered it and he got put in the Bible.

1 Chronicles 4:9-10 Now Jabez was more honorable than his brothers, and his mother called his name Jabez, saying, “Because I bore him in pain.” 10 And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, “Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!” So God granted him what he requested. (NKJV)

His name can be translated, ‘this one is going to cause me pain’. He prayed against what someone put on him. We don’t know if his mother died in child birth or maybe she just had a revelation, ‘this kid is going to be trouble’. Jacob changed Benjamin’s name because he didn’t want him to live with that. This name didn’t get changed.

Jabez’ Response to Pain Was Prayer

Jabez did not complain or blame another, instead, he prayed, “I refuse to allow my past to affect my future and regardless of what I’ve been through will You bless me and make me greater than I am right now? I am not going to let my past hold me back!”

We get so caught up in our hurts, past and addictions. We get it in our head that God would never love us. I believe the more messed up you are the more attention you are getting from Him. He is drawn to pain and He is looking to change your life! Jabez just got up and got on with what God intended for him.

“Lord, bless me indeed!” You put indeed on there to make it intense. You’re not going to get anywhere with God with little lay me down to sleep prayers. “Enlarge my territory.”

Remember, there are two kinds of anointings: The Joseph anointing where God provides and protects; He puts you in the land of Goshen. God will help you to operate so that the crops meet their maximum potential. But if you have the Benjamin anointing, that causes growth when you didn’t plant it. That is the Benjamin anointing.

We think in terms of where we are now. If you have money you expand as much as you can afford. The twelve tribes had a territory and each family was given land. So how do you expand when you’re neighbor’s land is already parceled out to someone else? I want to go beyond blessed. It’s blessed to be given land, but he wanted to go miraculously beyond that. Supernaturally he was given more than he was promised.

God is bringing us into the Benjamin anointing where we will not just go to our potential, but beyond our potential. God is going to turn you into another man, another woman, a powerful young person, to go beyond your abilities. God is about to set the Benjamin anointing on this church and on every family and individual. Let’s trust God for the impossible!

In the Hebrew calendar the New Year started in the fall. For us this is 2015, the year of celebration after the harvest. This is a huge time, a time to celebrate. This is the year of coming in, 2015 the year of celebration and rest after the harvest.

The Example of Esther

Queen Esther was a Jew in Babylon (Persia) but no one knew it. Haman had tricked the king that all of the Jews were to be annihilated. This was to be the original holocaust. Haman who was trying to hang the Jew, Mordecai, got hung. The king allowed the Jews to annihilate all of those who were going to annihilate them. On the 13th day a proclamation was made, on the 14th they killed their enemies, on the 15th they celebrated (Esther 9:1ff).

2014 was a year of battle. The enemy had designs on you. He was trying to kill you; if he could have driven you crazy or bankrupted you he would have done it. 2015 is a year of celebration, we are going to dance and rejoice because this is the year of greater things!

Esther 9:25 But when Queen Esther intervened with the king, he gave written orders that the evil scheme that Haman had worked out should boomerang back on his own head. He and his sons were hanged on the gallows. (THE MESSAGE) The number for this word boomerang in the Strongs Concordance is 2015. Don’t think that’s coincidence. Let’s start praying for a boomerang. The enemy tries to throw stuff at us to destroy us and all you have to do is get the duck anointing. By duck I mean just worship. Just worship. Every time he throws something at you just bow down and worship, let God take care of it. The boomerang will go back where it came from and God will give you greater things.

Taking Your Seat of Authority

Isaiah 22:22 The key of the house of David I will lay on his shoulder; so he shall open, and no one shall shut; and he shall shut, and no one shall open. (NKJV) That is repeated by Jesus and by John in revelation. The government, the leadership will be on His shoulders. When the church began because they didn’t want to call it the temple they used the word ecclesia, translated church. In this context it was used to describe an assembly of people who ran the city, like the council of elders. So the people who come together to worship are called the gate keepers of the city. All power and authority is at the gate of the city. That is where decisions were made and authority was.

We need to stop letting our past influence our future, believing we can never change, thinking this great anointing thing is for someone else and not for me. We need to stop letting others beat us down. Sit in your place of authority. You are seated together with Him in heavenly places! Listen to these messages over and over and take your rightful spot. Walk in your Benjamin anointing. We need to be like Jabez and not complain about what is given to us. I am going to take the kingdom by force. Get the keys to the kingdom and start coming against hell and take back what was taken.

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How You View Your Tragedies Can Shape Your Life

Benjamin had a tragic beginning for his life. When he was born his mother died birthing him and she named him Ben-Oni, son of my sorrow (Gen 35:16-18).  If we’re not careful we will name our lives according to our sorrow. It affects everything if we can’t let go of it. Benjamin would have always been reminded of his mother dying giving birth.

Jacob interrupted, he said, “We are not going to name this child according to his past.” He named him Benjamin, which means, ‘son of my right hand’. It can also mean son of the south. A southern wind means blessing. That is where the rain and warmth comes from. So it is talking about God’s blessings. You need to start renaming your tragedies. Rename the obstacles in your life and see how God can bless you through them.

The Joseph Anointing

Joseph and Benjamin represent the two anointings God is putting on our church. What happened to Joseph was long and painful, but he became number two in Egypt and provided the land of Goshen, a place of double fruitfulness, provision and protection.

The Jews believed there were two kinds of blessings. One is where you can actualize your inner potential. You can do what God called you to do. We are all living beneath our privileges. God needs us to step up into them like Joseph did. The Joseph anointing is the Goshen anointing.

The Benjamin Anointing

The second kind of blessing is where God blesses you to do things beyond your ability; you are doing things and going places you know are impossible for you. When I pray for people I pray two things. I pray the Doctors will live up to their maximum potential because God can use them to heal you. That is the Joseph anointing. But when the doctors can do nothing we need the Benjamin anointing that goes beyond our abilities and gives us a miracle. We want to walk in both of these anointings!

In Genesis 49 Joseph pronounces a blessing on all twelve of his sons by using the symbolism of animals. Everyone of the twelve tribes had a personality, a particular gift, a certain strength. Gad had an elite army, Asher very good farm land, Naphtali was the money maker, the sea traders and Judah was royalty, they were leadership.

Benjamin was a ravenous wolf. What it is really saying is Benjamin ravens like a wolf. That word raven really means to snatch against someone’s will, to take away from violently, to seize something. It’s like smack the devil and steal it. Benjamin is the one that will snatch the blessings for the rest of them.

What he is really comparing this to is a werewolf. A man who becomes frustrated with his situation and changes form to become something else so he can get done what needs to get done. Did not Jesus say you shall be born again and become a new creation? This anointing is going to make you a different man.

I don’t know if you want this. This is living high in the spiritual realm. You begin to walk in the spirit and become like King Saul who became another man. How many are willing to go through radical change to be that spirit led person who can walk in the power of the Holy Ghost? This is a seize the moment anointing. There is an acceleration in the spirit as we begin to do supernaturally by God’s power what we couldn’t do before. It is the Amos 9:13 thing, where He says the plowman shall overtake the reaper. That is the anointing we are living under. Benjamin is the last son, he represents the last generation. He represents us. How does this anointing work? There are four steps.

Take it by Force

Revelation 1:18 I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. Amen. And I have the keys of Hades and of Death. (NKJV) How did he get them? He snatched them, He seized them, took them away from the devil. Matthew 11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. (NKJV) There is an anointing coming on us, a growl, a wolf anointing that doesn’t beg and plead, one that takes it because it is yours. Take it by force. That is not a mamby, pamby, lay me down to sleep prayer. That is praying with authority. When you know it’s His will go grab it, seize it, go take it!

Learn How to Bind the Strong Man

Matthew 12:29 Or how can one enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man? And then he will plunder his house. (NKJV) I bind depression, sickness and poverty in the name of Jesus. I bind those things that come against marriages, I tie it up. When it is tied up it can’t do anything to you. Get some Holy Ghost rope out and let’s go!

Bind the Tares

Matthew 13:30 Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will say to the [church], “First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.”‘” (NKJV) In the last days especially, the church is going to learn how to bind tares. You can’t tell the difference between them until the time of harvest. The tares do not bear any fruit. Bind the non-fruitful stuff in the church.

What We Bind Here Will Be Bound in Heaven

Matthew 16:18 And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. (NKJV) That is not a defensive thing. I’ve never seen a gate attack anyone. Hell’s gates will not prevail as we attack. Matthew 16:19 And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” (NKJV) You tie it up down here, I will tie it up, up there. See the process? You have to bind it first here and then it will be bound in heaven.

This is the Benjamin anointing. It is a transforming place in God. Are you willing to start walking in it?

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Understanding About the Greater Things

Two things you have to understand about what God is saying about greater things. Some people are always over reaching. When it doesn’t happen they get depressed and do nothing. We are not saying everyone is going to be a millionaire, a missionary or called to preach. I am saying that where you are greater things will happen to you. The second thing you need to understand is that it is not necessarily going to happen because anything you do, but it is going to happen to ordinary people while you’re doing ordinary things. You are going to be surprised at what comes into your life. You will possess greater things, greater family, a greater walk with God, greater finances.

The Extraordinary Will Happen During the Ordinary

Acts 3:1-9 tells of a lame man from birth healed through the apostles. Peter and John didn’t have a premonition. They were just going to church. For some of us that has become ordinary. Don’t let it. They did this every Saturday, it was normal behavior. Just be faithful, do what you always do and God will take you to greater heights.

He sat at the beautiful gate with an ugly problem. This man wasn’t even looking at them. Those with no hope just go through the motions. They are to the point of no hope, of giving up. We need to have hope for them; don’t you give up on them too.

Peter told him, “What you expect I can’t give you. You don’t need money, because when I touch you, you can make your own money, you can go to church with the rest of the folks.” You may be expecting a certain thing from God, but I’ve come by to tell you I believe it’s going to be greater than your expectations. All of a sudden he was walking and leaping, acting like a Pentecostal. Before you judge someone else’s experiences you need to walk in their shoes. “Just leave me alone, I am here to worship God!” They may not have thought that was appropriate. We really don’t care what you think. Aren’t you glad you’re in a church where you can act like you feel? When God does something real, you will have the emotions to go with it.

God is Giving New Things to See

You need to start seeing. You will hear what He’s going to do, but you need to have an expectation. That is something you have to bring. You need an expectation when you come to the house of God! You need to declare it with expectation. You need to start getting up in the morning and saying, “Greater things!” Go to bed and say, “Greater things!” Put it on your refrigerator, “Greater things!”

Isaiah was talking to a people without hope. Three times Isaiah talked about something new. Isaiah 42:9-10a Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them.” 10 Sing to the Lord a new song,

and His praise from the ends of the earth. (NKJV) We’re not praying like we don’t know Him, like He has never done anything, like He has never healed anyone. New things happen in worship. Worshipers are much more likely to receive greater things.

Isaiah 43:18-19 “Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old.

19 Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it?

I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. (NKJV) He’s not saying forget the former things, instead, forget the junk. You won’t get the greater when you complain about the former things. Let go of the former things to get the greater. Don’t let your eyes be on your failures, rather than what God can do about those things.

Roads aren’t in wilderness and rivers are not in deserts by nature, God is going to reverse nature, He is taking you to a supernatural place. Don’t say, “That’s not possible.” Exactly! That is exactly why He is going to do it. You are going down the wilderness in a six lane highway. Highways in the wilderness and rivers in a desert.

God is Going to Give Greater Things According to His Riches

Paul says 12 times of the riches of his glory, grace, wisdom, knowledge, goodness, forbearance, His unsearchable blessings, the riches of His assurance. Philippians 4:19 And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (NKJV) I don’t know if you know a billionaire. I do know one. He’s never given me a dime, but I do know one. It’s odd to talk with someone who could write a check for a million dollars. But I know the one who gave him the billions. Is anyone hearing me?

God is Giving New Things To Do and for You to Be

As I go through this list I realize I am already blessed in all of these areas. I’ve got a grandbaby. Some of the doctors were saying maybe they would have a difficult birth and in 15 minutes the baby is born. We are working on a financial blessing now. My marriage is better than ever. We have just been on a two week cruise, the first one by ourselves, and all we had to pay of what would have cost $7,000, was the tips!

God is giving you greater health; stop worrying. God is going to help you be a greater giver. What I believe about you is you want to tithe, give more and help people on the mission field. I am believing God for greater things financially, greater opportunities to give and to give of your time. Greater things are coming.

I wish you knew how much I believed this! I wish you understood how much I am expecting this. I didn’t realize until just now as I am preaching that within four days God has already blessed me in all of these areas. When the head is blessed I believe everybody gets blessed. That is a sign. Great things are already happening! When I got home I opened the mail and someone out of state sent us a check for $3,400. I got it on January 1st. Something is happening. We are going to start hearing testimonies of what God is doing. We are going to work on getting people debt free; debt free by the end of the year. I want to get us all out of debt so we’re free to do whatever God calls us to do.

Here is what the Lord is showing me. Have you ever bought something in a plastic envelope and you can’t get it open? I saw that in my spirit. Some of you have been gnawing on your blessing, trying to get them open. I saw the Holy Ghost bring one of those pen knives and just break it open easily. I hear a popping in my spirit. He is penetrating the darkness; He is making a hole to bring you His blessing!

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By Pastor Steve Burkhalter


The Days of Porch and Altar

Back in the days of the porch and altar the priest was the ordained mediator between God and man, the administrator of the sacraments; they were ministers of the Lord. Their role was to go before God on behalf of the people. This porch and altar language references the layout of the temple. Beyond the porch was the entrance to the holy place. It opened outward. The place between porch and altar was where intercession took place. There was no other way to get to God, but to go through the priest. Jesus is the ultimate priest who goes before God to make intercession for us.

Joel 1:13-14 and 2:17 instructs the priests to weep, fast and pray between the porch and the altar to ask God to restore food and relationship to His people. Weeping speaks of the level of intensity. Locusts had eaten everything they had. There was nothing left. Locusts are distractions and destroy all of your stuff. The enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy you; that is the enemy’s plan. Jesus also said in the next breath, “But be of good cheer because I have overcome the enemy, I have come to give you life and life more abundantly!”

The Early Church

The early church was walled in on different sides. On one side there was the military machine of the Roman army. On the other side were Greek intellectuals. They were too smart for their own good. And it was blocked ahead of them because of the monopoly the Jews thought they had on God.

God doesn’t want those who hold up their degrees, but the kind of people Jesus chose weren’t social standing people, or rich, or smart. He knew those He chose would turn the world upside down. They were the kind of people who weep between the porch and the altar. Those are the kind of people who wait on the Lord. We have a hard time waiting at McDonalds. The church began in the upper room with men agonizing over prayer.

Prayer, a Key to Revival

We mistake the rattle of commotion for revival. If we dance a little harder we think that is revival. It’s a critical hour we are in right now. The Middle East is in a critical place. The prestige of this nation we have loved has gone down. The key to revival is given in this, to weep between porch and altar. The name Hannah, my daughter, is typical of a true intercessor, her name means intercessor. An intercessor believes its going to happen.

There has never been a revival that I can trace back that hasn’t been birthed without true intercession. I need something that is supernatural because all I am is natural. I need God to apply His super to my natural to become supernatural. The greatest expositor in the entire world told me, “I wrote many books and I’ve always found prayer so tough.”

Most of what you find in Acts is pray, pray, pray. When they found the place of prayer, the upper room shook. They prayed so hard it opened up a doorway between the natural and supernatural, it opened a portal. As they worshiped and prayed, as they sent something up, He sent someone down. They were then given the power of the Holy Spirit. It wasn’t money in their check book that got them excited that day. He already said He would take care of that stuff, so why do we worry so much abut it? The one thing that is crippling this nation is our prosperity. Materialism is choking the church. We want ease and comfort. He never said it was going to be easy, He said He was going to be with us.

The formula for revival is to weep between the porch and the altar. Hit the knees, wear out the floor. You and the people you are around are affected by what you do every day. If you are on your knees before a holy God things will start changing and moving.

Holiness, a Key to Revival

What we need now is a revival of holiness; a revival of character, of people who are selfless and prepared to lay their lives down on the altar of God. No man is greater than his prayer life. You want to get somewhere in life? Where your prayer life is, that is where you are spiritually with God. That level is an exact replication of where you are in this world. You can tell when someone has been with Jesus.

The church must discover two things, the majesty and holiness of God. He is a jealous God that has your best in mind. The other is the sinfulness of sin. We justify it and we say sin is okay. We don’t call sin, sin anymore. We are not just fighting against drug addiction or pornography that is wreaking havoc.

Knowing Who God Says You Are

The world, even your family will give you all kinds of names. Growing up I had a nickname, but I am no longer that person. I don’t walk in those paths any longer. God has given me a different identity, a different name. I rested in that and saw who I was. Most of us can go through our entire lives and not find out what He has called us to. You ain’t dead yet baby! No matter if you are seven or 75 He has something for you to do. I say get off the porch. You have been sitting in the rocking chair too long. When you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, this is what I know, when you spend time with the Holy Spirit and wrestle things out with God, something begins to shift inside your spirit man and He moves heaven and earth to line up.

You can hold up the banner and flags, but when we leave this place are we doing it at home? Are we telling our children prayer is important? Do they see you on your knees? The things you do between the porch and the altar is what changes things out there.

Getting Unstuck

Israel was leaving Egypt to go to a place flowing with milk and honey. They got to Kadesh Barnea and instead of going into the Promised Land they got stuck. What was supposed to be a gateway became their home for more than 40 years. Most of us are stuck in a place just like that. God is saying, “Step through that door and step into the promise I have for you!” The secret to getting out of Kadesh is to weep between the porch and the altar, to go further than you ever have in your prayer life. If you weep between the porch and the altar today, greater things are around the corner!

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Extraordinary Things Happen to Ordinary People!(Luke 1:26-35; 1:5-25; 2:8-20 Matthew 2:1-12; 1:18-24)

Mary is favored, chosen, and overshadowed by the Holy Spirit. What did Mary do to deserve this? She is 16 years old. She has done no great things. She is an average 16 year old girl probably about to get her ox cart license, thinking of settling down and having a family. She is just average. There is no reason to call her favored and highly honored because she hasn’t done anything in life to deserve that. God favors us and blesses us, not based on things we have done, but He does that because He knows what we can become.

This is why Mary is so blown away. We must get rid of that lie of hell that says I have got to prove something or do something, or pray two hours a day. All we need to do is love Jesus. He loves us! No matter how common we may seem to be to our selves, He has named us, He has our number.

Zacharias is just an average priest. There were so many that each one took a number to serve. He is just an average Joe, just a priest. It was his turn. Sometimes it’s just your turn. He was going through the motions, doing what God had designated him to do.

You have Zacharias on the one end, old, not a likely candidate; Mary on the other end, young and not likely. God is working miracles all over the place. We concentrate on the miracles and think what an awesome person they must be, but they are just average.

They had doubts and fears and the angel told Mary, “It’s going to be okay.” Zachariah doubted the angel and Gabriel got indignant. Gabriel said with an attitude, “I’m Gabriel, I stand in the presence of God! I was there when God said it, don’t question me!” If you heard it in the throne room you need to believe it in the bedroom. God will choose whoever He wants to do whatever He wants. He does it so everyone says, “Now that was God.” You don’t need self confidence, you need God confidence. He will make you what He said you will be.

Until he confessed that his sons name would be John his mouth was closed. I’ve wondered if I could pray that blessing on some of us. Too many of us curse our own blessings. I’m too old, too poor, uneducated, this or that.” When his voice agreed with God he got his voice back. If you want a voice in ministry you have to agree with what God has spoken over you.

The shepherds out in the field were the lowest in society. They were like guys who work McDonalds now, entry level jobs. It was the lowest members of the family that had to sit out in the field all night. God said, “Who should we announce it to? Let’s choose the shepherds, of Bethlehem not Herod.” That was where the flocks were kept that would be used for the sacrifice..

Then you have the astronomers in the east. They saw a moving comet and followed it. Just ordinary people; Joseph, a carpenter, nothing special about him. What’s even more amazing was when Jesus himself was baptized this voice said, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.” He was 30 years old and had done nothing up until then. He was building bookshelves and chairs right up until 30 years old. Yet that voice came out of heaven at that point. God is not pleased because of all of the great things you have done, He is pleased because you are his daughter, you are His son.

Extraordinary Events Happen During Normal Times

Every so many years an order would be given to go back to your ancestral home to get numbered for taxes. It is just normal life. They are going to Bethlehem. They find no room at the Holiday Inn and instead had to find a bed and breakfast for animals. They must have questioned what it was all about. The king is born almost abnormally in a stable. Great things are happening in these normal times. Don’t get so caught up in your normal life that you miss the miraculous. It is beyond smelling the flowers, but recognizing God even in the most mundane things. Extraordinary things can happen during most normal times.

Extraordinary Responses Came from Ordinary People

Greater things are coming this year; we are going to see greater things. I’m talking about greater things in you. They will happen to normal people at normal times. Quit judging your life by how normal it is. Begin to understand God can break in to the youngest, the oldest, on a donkey or whatever you’re driving. Great things can happen at a stop sign, Walmart or right there in your home. We all qualify for greater things in 2015.

Being His Son, His Daughter Qualifies You

Let me close with something the Lord gave me. I was thinking about what it takes to get to heaven, getting in the Father’s house, how do you get in His presence? The Lord said, “If a fairly famous person knocked on your door, but you didn’t know who it is, would you automatically let him in?” If you do let a stranger in it is just for a few moments and then their out. But if one of my kids came to my door they don’t even have to knock, they have a key and they can come and go, sit in my chair, go to the refrigerator. How do you get in? It’s not about what you’ve done. You could do all kinds of good works, but if you’re knocking on my door and I don’t’ know you you’re not getting in. You could do miracles, signs and wonders, but Jesus could say, “I never knew you.” It’s not about how many times you’ve been to church, that is not what gets you in. You could do all of that stuff and still be a stranger. “I’m not looking for good works, I’m looking for sons and I’m looking for daughters.” That gets you in!

My son can mess up, my daughter can fail and others may shake their heads at my children. Maybe you wouldn’t let my kids in your house because of what they’ve done, but I will because they’re my kids. God will let them in even after they mess up because they are His kids. Just realize you are a child of the king. All of the past, all of the junk, you are just a normal person living in a normal life style. You are about to see greater things, a breakthrough of enormous portion because He is all of that. He is your Daddy.

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