Oct 3, 2014 volume 1, issue 2

Greetings saints!

This is our second monthly issue of “Milestones.” These issues are emailed to you and also can be found on the website ( This particular issue will also be mailed or handed out to all with your giving record for May- August.

WHAT AN AMAZING FOUR MONTHS!  God has been doing some wonderful “jaw dropping” things at JLC. Note also that it has been increasing almost weekly the past couple months. Souls are being saved, stunning miracles and hearings, Spirit baptisms, and deliverances! New families are being added weekly. We had 10 saved just this past week so far. YAY God!!!

SO… What can we expect coming up?

TABERNACLES IS COMING!!!  The Jewish feast of Tabernacles begins at sun down this Wednesday, Oct 8th and extends 24/7 for seven days at JLC. SOMEONE will be in the sanctuary 24/7 praying and worshipping during those seven days. Be sure you take your turn “standing before the Lord.” You can sign up on Sunday.  It will be like David’s tabernacles where they worshipped 24/7 for 40 years. It will be like heaven on earth. During the evening hours (7-9 and 6-7 Sunday night) there will be LIVE WORSHIP from various worship bands including our own on some nights. These are open to the entire church so make plans to attend as many nights as you can. We are going to see miraculous results from this and your life will be changed if you participate.

SHEMITAH. Last Wednesday (Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year) also began the SHEMITAH WHICH OCCURS EVERY SEVEN YEARS and lasts for one year. We have been teaching how God has been using the SHEMITAH especially the last 49 years to wake up America. (You can buy the tapes or visit the website to get them and share with friends who need it.)   This is going to be a year of amazing revelation. It is also scary if you don’t know the Lord! But for the church, this Jewish year (5775) is also full of blessing and revelation. It is the year of the open door, fresh breath and revelation, amazing grace, and a time of Shalom (completeness, wholeness, restoration, return, peace). Be encouraged!
This will be a “roller coaster” year with fearful things in the news but bountiful blessings in the Kingdom!

I have carefully gone over prayer/intercessor/prophetic ministry lists at Journey Life Center and decided you might be interested in learning more about the last days Bride that is being formed by the Spirit of God. It is actually a very broad subject but I felt God was calling me to address it so as to disciple and prepare that Company from our church and others that have some connection to this ministry. If you chose not to get these emails just let the office know. As this is an email blog please feel free to respond, ask questions, even disagree and make suggestions. So let’s lay out a few guidelines.

First let me make something very clear. WE ARE NOT ORGANIZING SOME KIND OF ELITE CHRISTIANITY! We are no better or worse than anybody else. Just like God chose Israel from among the nations simply because He did, so too He chooses various people for various reasons and then He qualifies them and sends them out. An important truth to share is people who chose not to serve at this level are still good Christians and will share in the benefits of what God does through you. Remember what happened to the troop that was too tired to battle when David pursued the enemy in I Sam 30:10,21-25. They ALL shared in the spoils. Whether or not you want to fight the battles ahead is up to you! But I want to be a part of this glorious last day army that is being formed to bring in the last great harvest and to serve as a “friend of the Bridegroom (Jesus)” as John the Baptist did in the Spirit of Elijah! These are the days of Elijah! Jesus also said that these last days will be like the days of Noah. There is much revelation here so that is what I wanted to call this email teaching.

Second, I am not saying I am an expert in these matters but simply feel called to do it so let’s all go through this together and help each other out. A lot of revelation has been coming so I have much to share.

So today let’s look at this last day company. God has always had a faithful remnant that will not compromise. We see this in scripture in allegory. The sons of Zadok are a good example. Of all the nations of the earth God chose Israel, and from the tribes of Israel God chose Levi, and from Levi He chose the family of Zadok to serve at a special place at the Lord’s table because of their loyalty and faithfulness during times of apostasy and infidelity. Ezekiel described them thus:

“But the Levitical priests, the sons of Zadok, who kept charge of My sanctuary when the sons of Israel went astray from Me, shall come near to Me to minister to Me; and they shall stand before Me to offer Me the fat and the blood,” declares the Lord God. “They shall enter My sanctuary; they shall come near to My table to minister to Me and keep My charge.” Ez 44:15-16

The sons of Zadok were a remnant of a remnant of a remnant! Look how they were spoken of:

1. They were given special honor because they stood faithful when others compromised.

2. They stood their post and ministry when others quit.

3. They were to enjoy a special place of intimacy with God

4. They were to minister and wait on the Lord (worship).

5. They were charged to offer the best one can offer to the Lord (fat and blood). Also refers to the last day harvest.

6. They have access to the Sanctuary (the Throne room).

7. They sit at the Lord’s table feasting on revelation and the Word.

8. They will bring divine order to the House of God (keep charge).

So, this last day bride is a Zadok Company – a faithful remnant. It’s interesting that in the service of the tabernacle whenever something is left over or a “remnant” it always used to minister. The remnant of the curtains was to be used to cover the back (Ex 26:12), the remnant of the meat offering was given to Aaron’s family, most holy (Lev 2:3), the remnant of the sin offering was given to the priest making the offering (Lev5:13), and the remnant of the oil used to cleanse lepers was put on the head of the one to be cleansed (Lev 14:18). So you as a remnant are being poured out to minister to a dying world! We will examine this in detail later but before the last great harvest (more people live today than all the people who have ever lived up to now!) there must be a harvest of harvesters. Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send workers into the field!!

Notice there are 8 points to this Zadok company. 8 is the number of resurrection. This is a further description of this company. It is a Lazarus company raised from the dead of sin. This is part of what God was saying to me after the worship team ministered from Lee University a couple of Sundays ago. God is raising up a Lazarus Generation of 20 somethings who have nothing in their past or in their generations to talk about. They are not connected to anything or anyone but Him. When one is raised from the dead he comes out a new man! He has nothing to lose and doesn’t care what anyone says. They are a radical generation. Radical worship, radical love and hospitality, and radical power! Now you don’t have to be 20 to be a part of this, but you will have to shake off religious traditions and the sleep and the lethargy that is upon the western church. The only crown for working for God is earned by being faithful – period. There’s no reward for pastoring a big church or being on TV – just faithfulness. The Zadok company will be faithful when others are not. They will stand against opposition. THEY ARE OVERCOMERS! This is an important characteristic of the Zadok company.

I really want to hear from you all, so email me and let’s talk!

Yours for the Harvest,
Pastor Phillipi

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