Church on Fire

Tear Down That Wall

On June 12, 1987, Ronald Reagan said “Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall! If you seek peace, prosperity, tear it down.
There are two purposes for walls: to protect or to imprison.
Jesus has torn down the walls that keep us from His glory!
"Tear Down That Wall!"

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Living Large

This now is the heart of Ephesians and indeed the heart of the gospel. What has enabled this exchange is the resurrection! Like the shroud of Turin He has imprinted His image on us! "Living Large"

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So, I’m a Saint?

So after Paul shows us our position in Christ (blessed, chosen,destined,bestowed,lavished,made known,gather up, he then proceeds to pray for the church. We get in on Paul’s prayer!

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God’s 7 Verbs

There are 15 named churches in the NT and 13 had letters written to them. But Ephesians is the only one that didn’t receive any rebuke.
We know it’s not because they were perfect. Timothy was their pastor so we read about the problems he faced in the books of Timothy. Paul was their pastor for three years (book of acts.).

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