Guess who’s Coming to Dinner

Wounded Guests

Whenever we hold a dinner party we often realize as we look around the table that some of our guests are hurting. Join us for Wounded Guests.

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Uninvited Guests

Luke now shares with us how Jesus was baptized and driven into the wilderness. He then calls Peter, James and John to follow Him. A man is let down through the roof and healed. Mathew is called. Join us "Uninvited Guests".

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The Place Settings

If you’re going to throw an elaborate meal, you need to know who’s coming and where they will sit! Jesus is throwing a wedding meal and the “place settings” are on the table!

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An Empty Table

The first sermon in the new series about God's amazing hospitality and what happens when we entertain Him! This series, called “Guess who’s Coming to Dinner”. We will look at all 7 of the meals in Luke. Let's start with the birth announcements of John and Jesus.

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