Keep It Lit!

The feast of Tabernacles had 8 days!
We are introduced to this concept in creation. God and Adam rested on the seventh day, the day of completion. But Adam began to work on the eight day. 7 days to complete. It’s an end to start again. Amplified.

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Strange Fire

We know that God sends the fire and we also know that we are to feed the fire from heaven. There is a thing called “strange” fire. I’m concerned that some churches today are doing their own thing and it is “strange” fire going up that God doesn’t accept.

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Feeding the Fire

Last week we talked about how fire changed everything for ancient people. This week, we are going to talk about how to keep it going! Revivals doesn’t have to stop. The glory appeared and the fire fell. There must be a willingness to keep the fire lit.

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God the Fire Starter

Fire changed everything for ancient people. It gave warmth, light, cooked food and improved health. God has a fire too! All revival starts from Him! He is the original fire starter! Our prayer is “Lord, send the fire!”

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God Washed my Feet

Before Covid, God was telling us that change was coming. What got us here wasn’t going to get us there. He took us to the Last Supper as a tipping point in Jesus’ teaching. They did the Passover thing and then Jesus washed their dirty feet! He then said, “I have a new commandment for you!” What was it?

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