The New Wine

This is the story of Jesus’ first public miracle. It has deep prophetic meaning for the church today! He is saving the best wine to the last! Rejoice!

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The Deep

This season we have been in has been long and difficult. We are still trying to make sense of somethings. If you have ever felt like you were going under this message is for you. Or maybe you will need it tomorrow!

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Gone Fishin’

We all have faced disappointment, discouragement, and misunderstanding. We often find ourselves warming ourselves at the wrong fire. Sometimes we just want to get away and go fishing! But Jesus has prepared a meal and a place at the table for us!

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The Presence

We have been experiencing several weeks of revival lately in every service. It’s all about the Presence not tools, techniques, or talent. Sunday we will see what the Presence is and how to bring Him into our lives.

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A Horn FULL!

Pastor has a special message for men this fathers day you won’t want to miss! Once again God is telling us to “fill our horns with oil” as He raises up men in these last days! Let’s title it , “A Horn FULL!”

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Join us for a 10 Week series about 10 Amazing Women of the Bible!

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The last year has been rough. So many of us just wish we could see loved ones, hug a friend, walk around without fear - just get out of our caves and get back to normal! Well I feel like I have a Word from the Lord this Easter! I hear dry bones beginning to RATTLE!

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Kyle Philippi – FFTC

Kyle shared the mission of Far-Flung Tin Can.

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The COVID Transition

OUR THEME-“Row the Boat!”

OUR WORD FROM THE LORD-“Get out of Babylon and rebuild the temple!”






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Worship Warriors

New Worship series begins Sunday, November 15.

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