Resetting Series

Resetting Hands

This is the last of four messages on resetting our hearts, minds,voices, and finally our hands. We are saved by grace alone but we respond to His grace with good works! We were made to do GREAT THINGS FOR GOD!

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Resetting Voices

Once we are able to reset our heart and mind God is able to give us a voice! Ministry is not really about what you do but what you say and what you say you must hear from the Father. So first we need a “hearing ear” before we can have a speaking voice.

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The Mind Reset

Last week we preached about a “heart reset” and today we will talk about the next step a”mind reset.” We will never live a victorious, free, and purposeful life until we change the way we think. This message is so very important and will certainly change everything if you receive it!

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The Heart Reset

As we enter DOXA, we need to prepare a place within ourselves for His glory. We often have to reset our phones & tablets when something isn’t running right so we starting our Reset Series. Sometimes we think our heart is reset at salvation and that’s the end of it but God wants to do something amazing with our hearts.

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