Reverse the Curse

Do you ever feel like your life is cursed? Is everything seemingly going wrong? There is a way to reverse the curse! The curse is a lie!

The Key to Reverse the Curse

One of David’s worship leaders begins to sing & pour out his heart and his trouble to the Lord. The key to reverse the Curse is in the sanctuary. There seems to be a move today among people to claim to be spiritual but never attend church. Yet we need church more than ever before. "The Key to Reverse the Curse"

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Reverse the Curse: Worship Wars

Life can be overwhelming! Sometimes we feel like we are going under and wonder where God is. Then we begin to worship! Worship is ascending! Worship is the key. Don’t miss this life changing message this Sunday - Reverse the Curse: Worship Wars!

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The Anointing Reverses the Curse

The attempt to curse Israel takes up three chapters in Numbers and is cited in three Old Testament and three New Testament books! This must be an important topic! Catch the truth of it this Sunday as we continue our series on Reversing the Curse! The devil can’t curse what God has blessed so let’s reverse every curse!

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Reverse the Curse – Jesus is Passing Through

Mark chapter 10 is an amazing chapter full of insights as Jesus is walking towards Jerusalem, the Passover, and His crucifixion. As He walks He draws a huge crowd as He passes through Jericho - a city that is cursed. You too may feel like you’re under a curse - but Jesus is passing through your curse and it will be lifted!

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