Got issues? I guess everybody has a few. The Bible tells us to guard our hearts because that’s where all the issues are. Sunday we will look a the woman with the issue of blood.

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Naomi was depressed. She had good reason to be. Maybe you do too! We see other people in scripture that were depressed. Look at Elijah. How about Job? But what’s the answer to depression?

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Have you ever been surprised by God? Sometimes we hear a promise, we pray and believe - but we are still surprised when it happens! I believe God has a surprise for us!

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Life is very complicated and it also often seems contradictory to what God has told us. Looking at the life of Mary helps us understand and gives us hope. Hear Mary ROAR as we continue our series!

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As we come out of the caves of COVID, the Lord led me to examine the lives of 10 prayerful women in scripture. Women who could roar in the Spirit. Hanna is first. She not only represents where we are personally but what God is doing in the next generation.

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