The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached

The Rock

The final words of Jesus in the sermon on the mount refer to the last days and what we must do to bring in the kingdom. Don’t miss this prophetic message entitled “The Rock.”

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Stay Focused

Jesus has a lot to say about your eye and how to keep it focused! Don’t miss this next message from the Sermon on the Mount entitled “Stay Focused!”

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Abba’s House

So what does it look like to live in “ABBA’s house"? Don’t miss this message about the Lord’s Prayer as we discover how to talk to our Father!

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What is Truth?

On March 12 1913, a rumor started in Columbus that a dam had burst and thousands stampeded East to higher ground. Once they got there they realized there was no flood and the dam was in fact to far away to ever cause any problem in the city. The next day everyone just went about their business too embarrassed to speak of it.

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What About My Stuff?

Bertha Adams was found dead in her home on Easter Sunday 1976. She died of malnutrition. Her home was full of trash. She begged food and clothing from strangers. Yet they found two safe deposit keys and found $800,000.00 of cash stock, bonds, securities worth more than $200,000.00!

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Lust, Adultery, and Divorce

Jesus didn’t pull any punches when it came to immorality in the sermon on the mount. Let’s take an honest look at what He said and let’s live by it.

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Love Thy Neighbor

After the beatitudes Jesus wants to explain something the Pharisees have been critical of. “They say....but I say!...” He isn’t trying to get rid of the law He is fulfilling it.

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Saltine Christians

Saltine crackers were invented by F.L. Sommer in 1876 by using baking soda in the leavening process. They were an instant hit and are just as popular today. The salt on the thin cracker is what makes them so good. People eat them as is or use them as a transportation device for other foods.

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Mercy, Purity & Peace

We will talk about three of the beatitudes - the beautiful attitudes.
We must realize that the 8 Beatitudes are actually like an and ending ladder. They build on each other and if you miss a step and fall you have to start over.
So we start with confession of need, mourning over sin, becoming humble, getting hungry!

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Gentle Giants

The sermon on the mount was the catechism of the church. They felt that it was first important to teach how to behave and then what to believe.
The beautiful attitudes are Gods approval. The applause of heaven.
Join us as we continue the sermon series "The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached with a sermon entitled "Gentle Giants"

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Riches of Poverty/Good Grief

This Sunday Pastor will begin to look at "The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached!" Pastor will be preaching 2 messages entitled "The Riches of Poverty" and "Good Grief!" We are doing church different - don't miss this Sunday! In person services at 9:30 & 11 am. Streaming live at 11 AM.

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