The Lion of Judah

I’ve Fallen and can’t Get Up

This is the last of our seven voices God uses to speak to us. So far we have discussed scripture, desires, dreams, doors, people, and promptings. All are fun and exciting except the last one. God sometimes uses pain to talk to us. Let’s get real and figure this out.

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The Voice Behind You

One of the easiest ways to hear God's voice is to just listen. Let's call them promptings. Isaiah calls it the "voice behind you." So let's get practical and let's figure out exactly how to hear His voice. Join us for Pastor's sermon titled "The Voice Behind You!"

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Can God Speak Through Me?

Wow! What a question! Think about it. God speaking through people - God speaking through me! Well, if He can use a donkey.....Moses said he wished everybody could prophesy.
Your sons and daughters will prophecy. Young men and old.

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Desires, Doors & Dreams

One of the greatest needs of the church world today is the ability to hear God. According to Mark Batterson in his new book “Whisper” , God has 7 love languages. We will look at four of them and hopefully you will be better able to hear His voice. Scripture is the obvious one we will look briefly at but mainly desires.

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God’s Inside Voice

Isaiah has an amazing experience after king Uzziah dies. He gets invited to God’s house. Most of our experiences with God are Him coming to our house! But going to His house is always an overwhelming experience. God uses his “outside” voice! Like at Mt Sinai or in Revelation when John went to His house!

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A Roar to Change Your Life

This is going to be a life changing message if you can receive it. The ability to hear and speak what God is saying will
Launch your life and others around you to a whole new spiritual world. We need to hear His QOL, His voice of authority and then speak what we hear!

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The Sound of the Lion of Judah

During the last night of DOXA we sang a chorus over and over for about an hour and a half. We sang “I hear the rhythm of the Lion of the tribe of Judah.” I believe there is a new sound at Journey coming from the throne of heaven. Sunday, Pastor will talk about that sound. It’s God’s sound, His roar, in a raging world.

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I Saw the Lord

Pastor believes we have seen His glory during the two weeks of DOXA. It has been amazing! But the season of revival is not over. So where do we go from here? We believe the answer lies with the vision that Isaiah saw in chapter 6.

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