The Tent, the Table and the Turf

The Mystery of the Blood

he scriptures say that “the life is in the blood.” There’s a great and powerful mystery here! This message Sunday will be a life changer!

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Building Arks

There have been three arks built in scripture
All used to rescue. What is the mystery?

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One of the greatest benefits of salvation is that we have access to the throne of God! Sunday we will reveal how that happens and the amazing results!
Once a year the high priest would go beyond the veil that separates the Holy Place from the Holy of Holies. There he would see the Ark of the Covenant.

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Recipe for the Anointing

Before anybody "had church" in Moses' tabernacle every piece of furniture and every priest had to be anointed with oil. After all had been covered in oil, the Spirit fell! We need that anointing today! There's a recipe for it!

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The Sweet Aroma

God doesn't just hear our prayers. They actually have a sweet aroma that God can smell and is attracted to! Don't miss this message "The Sweet Aroma" It's life changing!

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Fruit and Fire

The candlestick in the Holy Place looked like the fruit of almonds but burned with fire! This Sunday we will look at the Golden Candlestick. It is full of imagery and prophetic meaning for you and the church today.

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Wonder Bread

We now move from the “yard” to the “house.” From natural light to candlelight. To a place of covering. From praise to worship. Fewer people can come in. All can visit in the yard but few can dwell in the tent. Everything that has breath praise the Lord but we worship in Spirit and truth (table and candle).

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Mirror, Mirror…

Like the queen in Snow Whites life, out identity is formed by what we see in the mirror. We are going to pass through the water into a new dimension! Come expecting miracles!

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The Price is Right

The vision God gave us coming out of Covid is for us to worship passionately under the TENT, live lovingly at the TABLE, and walk out our faith on the TURF of the earth. To model this God gave me a series of messages on the Tabernacle. It points to Jesus and gives us an amazing look at the last days church!

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