Traveling Light

Whatifs & Howills

Everybody is worried today. Even kids are worried. The Greek word for worry is MERIMNAO. (To divide) (the mind). It also implies that such thought is a distraction from what is currently going on.

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The Store House

In Deut. 27-28 you have an amazing scene of all the people standing on Mount Ebal or Mount Gerizim pronouncing curses and blessings for certain behavior.

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I Need to Sleep

Can't sleep tonight? It's kind of neat how the Lord uses us and one of the ways He has used Pastor over the years is to help people sleep. Psalms 127:2 says God "gives His beloved sleep." Psalms 23:2 says " he makes me to lie down in green pastures: he leads me beside still waters."

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Don’t Need a Thing

Baggage Loneliness Fear Anxiety Unqualified Depression

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