War of Words Series 2019

The Journey through the Wall

The Wall often comes through a crisis. We begin to question. They often pile up on us. You can’t go over, under, or around it. You have to face it and go through it. 500 yrs ago St John of the Cross called it the “Dark night of the Soul.”

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Waiting at the Well

We felt He had to go through Samaria. Most Jews would have went around. There were strict racial divisions and customs. Jesus put Ministry first. Sometimes people just don’t understand the Kingdom. It isn’t about religion. It’s about relationship.

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Band of Brothers

We have been talking about this war of words we fight & how powerful the Word in us and over us is. But every soldier in a fox hole knows that he is fighting for his buddy first. Psalms 23 says He prepares a table in the presence of my enemies. Well it’s not a table for one. This is how we fight our battles - around the table!

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Sharpening Swords

How do we keep the Sword sharp? How do we keep the passion, the fire burning? Daniel warns us that the devil is trying to wear out the saints in the last days. Ecclesiastes says “Remember, the duller the ax the harder the work; Use your head: the Word keeping us sharp in ministry."

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Idol Weapons

What use are weapons that don’t work or are just hung on a wall for show? Some people collect guns or swords but have no intention of actually using them. I guess it’s interesting but totally ineffective if you are called to fight. Last week we demonstrated that the Word we read, hear, or has been spoken over us.

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Weapons of War

In this time of fake news and propaganda on all sides we as Christians are also being swallowed up by the culture and are challenged to be light and salt. We see/hear 6000 messages a day! We need to know how to change the atmosphere around us. To be thermostats instead of just thermometers.

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