The Midnight Knock

IMPORTUNATE: urgent or persistent in solicitation, sometimes annoyingly so.

As Jesus is knocking persistently on our door so too must we persistently knock on His. There is much blocking our way so fight through it!

Luke 11:5-13

After teaching them what to say He teaches them how to say it!

This prayer request was for someone else’s need. We are to quick to give up on those!
The knock was at midnight. Who needs to eat at midnight? It’s dark, cold, late…
God is wanting to birth something in us but we must be hungry for it! Too many just don’t want to bother. Never disappointed if you never want it. Don’t settle – Hannah didn’t want a house she wanted a child! Rachael: give me a child or I’ll die! Mary spoke a greeting and the child leaped! They marched around Jericho 7 x. Naaman dipped 7x. Abraham and Jacob wrestled with God until they got an answer. It’s not just about having a relationship, it’s about being persistent!

Luke 11:8

We must be willing to overcome obstacles.

Luke 18:1-8

The unjust judge is not the Father but the world. She is a woman, a widow, totally powerless and unable to benefit the judge. We too in our powerless state need to bombard heaven and we will receive!

Heb 11:6

Heb 10:38

Keep your hand to the plow. You will never see anything new if you’re looking backward.

Pray until the verdict is reversed.

She is praying about an adversary. This is war! He is a judge so He is the one who can reverse the curse and protect you from your enemy!

Gal 6:9